Ezra L2 Charger

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7kW EV charger ideal for condos, apartments, workplaces, and hospitality locations. 

Compatible with every electric vehicle brand!

All chargers ship with an installed SIM card and operate on either AT&T or T-Mobile. Internet service is included with the annual fee.

EVPassport Cloud Platform free for one year, then only $99 annually.

Current shipping estimate is 5-8 weeks due to backorders. Please be patient as we fulfill your order.

EVPassport chargers display their locations in Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Plugshare.

Drivers can access real-time availability information and launch a paid charging session directly inside these apps.

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The Ezra L2 is affordable, versatile, and offers the world’s most seamless charging experience—a no brainer for all property managers. At $999, Ezra is extremely affordable, coming in at a quarter of the cost of ChargePoint or Blink Chargers. Why pay more?

Built for all-season weather conditions, Ezra can be deployed indoors, outdoors, on a wall, on a pole, or wherever else your imagination stirs up. So, whether you’re purchasing for a stadium parking lot, the workplace, an apartment building, a shopping mall, a gas station, and everything in between, Ezra takes care of the charging, with no added complexity.

How do drivers pay without an app, you ask? Just scan the QR code with your smartphone, and use Apple Pay, Google Pay, or a credit card, and get-goin’! Lastly, don’t mind us saying, but she’s pretty, ain’t she? Course she is!

  • 260x100x280mm
  • 8 Ibs (The weight of an average domestic cat)
  • 16 foot cable
  • EVPassport Cloud Platform Enabled
  • LTE SIM card pre-installed
  • 7kW Charging Speed = 15 Miles for every 30 minutes plugged in
  • 32A / 200-240vAC
  • J1772 Connector
  • UL / cUL Certified

Comes Ready for Charging

Our dream has always been to offer you the full charging suite, right out of the box—and it’s finally here! Ezra comes preloaded with our Cloud Platform software, so there’s no added work to set things up.

Drivers wanna charge? Scan the QR code. That simple. No app downloads, registrations, pre-paid accounts, and other such nonsense. No doubt, you’ll be the preferred charging provider across town!

Ready out of the Box

Easy does it when it comes to the installation process. The Ezra L2 charger doesn’t take a team of engineers to install; it’s already internet-connected (SIM card pre-installed), and your local electrician can handle the job. If you don’t have one, we’ll hook it up!

Manage Access, Set Prices, Get Paid

You get paid with each charging session, deposited directly into your bank account every month. We’ll also send you monthly energy usage and earnings reports, so you know how your stations are performing.


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